Sharing mobile GPS with PC

Ankit, on 21 May 2015

This is my first post for Planet GNOME regarding my GSoC 2015 Project under the mentorship of Zeeshan Ali (Khattak). This summer, I am working on a project to let GNOME users access GPS location (shared) from a GPS source. Android devices are among the most common GPS sources. So, a part of this project will be on Android. This android application will work as a location server for Geoclue. This server will be discoverable via mDNS clients like Avahi and Bonjour.

Tentative design of Android application
Tentative design of Android application

In a broad sense, Android application will use ServerSocket to communicate with Geoclue. Each time Android LocationListener listens to a new Location, it will transmit that location data to Geoclue in form of NMEA sentence. Geoclue takes that location information and passes it on as GPS location. Apart from the android application, GUI application for Geoclue to Geoclue location passing is to be developed.

Timeline followed by the project will be as follows:

Week 1 and 2 Experiments with the code and implementation of a basic layout for new Geoclue location source. This Geoclue location source would be able to take in NMEA GGA sentences and convert into location object.
Week 3 and 4 Geoclue Location source continued.
Week 5 and 6 Working skeleton of Android application that will connect with Geoclue and send information.
Week 7 and 8 Geoclue GUI for Geoclue to Geoclue sharing.
Week 9 and 10 Implementation of more seamless connectivity using Android NSD and Avahi.
Week 11 and 12 Android application UI/UX improvements.
Week 13 Testing, optimization, bug fixing and wrapping up.